Experiments by Sparanoid

Experiments by Sparanoid, mainly aim to solve connectivity between China mainland and general XaaS. Projects/services listed below (except Paid and Enterprise services) are not seriously maintained and may be terminated at any time.

Sparanoid 维护的 Experiments,主要目的是解决中国大陆与普通 XaaS 之间的连接问题。下面列出的项目/服务(付费和企业服务除外)未得到认真维护,可能随时终止。

Server Information

  • Origin server powered by Aliyun 4 GB in Hong Kong datacenter.
  • Visitors from China are routed to Aliyun Shenzhen datacenter.
  • Visitors from the rest of the world are routed to CloudFront edges (All edge locations enabled).
  • Some services (e.g. CloudFront Acceleration and wp.com image proxies) will be redirected back to original URLs when access from outside China.

All Available Nodes

To get better performance, you can also try alternative nodes with CDN support, just replace the host with one of the following nodes:

experiments-alicdn.sparanoid.net (Unstable)
Powered by Aliyun Global CDN. HTTP / HTTPS with HTTP/2 enabled

More nodes coming soon, contact me if you’d like to sponsor this service.

Available Services

Google Favicon

  • Original: www.google.com/s2/favicons
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/favicons
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 302 1h;
<img src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/favicons?domain=sparanoid.com">

DuckDuckGo Favicon

  • Original: external-content.duckduckgo.com/ip3
  • New: https://experiments.sparanoid.net/favicons/v2
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 302 1h;
<img src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/favicons/v2/sparanoid.com.ico">


  • Original: www.gravatar.com/avatar
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/avatar
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 302 1h;
<img src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/avatar/40a40a2bcf442ad93f519a44f0fd42ff?s=120&r=pg&d=mm">

GitHub Avatar

  • Original: avatars.githubusercontent.com
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/gh-avatar
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 302 1h;
<img src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/gh-avatar/sparanoid">
<img src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/gh-avatar/u/96356?s=256">

CloudFront Acceleration (Paid)

  • Original: d349cztnlupsuf.cloudfront.net
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/cf/d349cztnlupsuf
  • Note: This is a paid service, contact me if you’re interested.
<img src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/cf/d349cztnlupsuf/girls_dead_monster_logo.png">

Google Analytics Acceleration

  • Original: www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/ga.js
  • Note: Only available for the original node. I also implement a sneaky method to bypass Do Not Track privacy option.
  (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

  ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-X', 'auto');
  ga('send', 'pageview');

Headway Widget Acceleration (Paid)

  • Original: cdn.headwayapp.co/widget.js
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/hw-app/widget.js
  • Note: This is a paid service, contact me if you’re interested.
<script src="https://experiments.sparanoid.net/hw-app/widget.js" defer="defer"></script>

Android Captive Portal Server

  • Original: clients1.google.com/generate_204
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/generate_204
adb shell "settings put global captive_portal_https_url https://experiments.sparanoid.net/generate_204";

Current Request IP

  • URL: experiments.sparanoid.net/ip
curl https://experiments.sparanoid.net/ip

MathJax Server

  • URL: experiments.sparanoid.net/latex
  • Note: Online LaTeX support based on MathJax server. Zhihu-like TeX equations and implementation. Server opensourced at sparanoid/mathjax-node-server.

LaTeX example

apilayer Products API Cache

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
req.open('GET', 'https://experiments.sparanoid.net/apilayer/live?currencies=CNY&source=USD&access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY', true);

ipstack API Cache

  • Original: api.ipstack.com
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/ipstack
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 302 1d;
  • Note #1: ipstack/check doesn’t work due to server restriction.
  • Note #2: This service can help you cache the result from the API response to reduce the cost of the original services (Up to 95%).
var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
req.open('GET', 'https://experiments.sparanoid.net/ipstack/', true);

fixer.io (Foreign Exchange Rates) API Cache

  • Original: data.fixer.io/api
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/fixer
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 302 1d;
  • Note: This service can help you cache the result from the API response to reduce the cost of the original services (Up to 95%).
var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
req.open('GET', 'https://experiments.sparanoid.net/fixer/latest?access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY', true);

Adobe Fonts (Typekit) Acceleration (Paid)

  • Original: use.typekit.net
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/typekit
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 7d;
  • Note: This is a paid service, contact me if you’re interested.

Font Awesome Free (CDN Method)

  • Original: use.fontawesome.com
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/fa
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 7d;

Font Awesome Pro (CDN Method)

  • Original: pro.fontawesome.com
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/fa-pro
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 7d;
  • Note: This used to be a paid service for Experiments, but in July 2019 Font Awesome decided to sunset the CDN method with a new Kits method (see below). So now I decide to disable the referer bypass hack (yeah, there was a referer bypassing mechanism at Experiments for paid users to use Pro plan with any domain) and make this available for all users. Now you need a valid Pro subscription to use this service.

Font Awesome Kits (Paid)

  • Original: kit.fontawesome.com
  • New: experiments.sparanoid.net/fa-kit
  • Cache: proxy_cache_valid: 200 7d;
  • Note: This is a paid service, contact me if you’re interested.

Custom Service for Enterprise

I also provide enterprise-class service with custom SLA and contract billing. Here’re some custom services I currently provided:

  • Google Cloud Storage Acceleration
  • Self-hosting WordPress Acceleration:
    • Gravatar Proxy
    • Jetpack Site Accelerator (Formerly Photon) CDN with WebP support
    • WordPress.com Comments Proxy
    • WordPress.com Stats Proxy
    • …etc.
  • Algolia Search API Acceleration
  • Crisp Chatbox Widget Acceleration with WebSocket support
  • Intercom Messenger Widget Acceleration
  • Embedded Tweets Acceleration

Companies worked for:

OpenBayes, LeanCloud, Mobike, Shunwei Capital, Google Developers, and Delicious.

You can contact me via email for more information. My custom service for enterprise starts at $1,000/month or $3,000/month on-premise. I also provide consultation for foreign startups to improve their service connectivity in China, starting at $500 per hour.

Server availability?

You can check out my server status at sparanoid.network.

You can contact me if you find some services are not available due to original API changes/service shutdown.

Free forever? Can I donate?

This is a side project by Sparanoid, you can use this service free of charge (except Paid and Enterprise services), without any limit, forever. However, if you like this service, please consider buying me a cup of coffee. Thanks!

I still have questions.

Email me